Steel Hellion
Steel Hellion
Japanese Name スティールハデス
Romanization Sutīru Hadesu
Class Attack
Factor Armor Form
Fire Weakness No
Fetish Gargoyle Head
Appears In Nights of Azure

An attacker type Servan that specializes in powerful attacks. Its attack varieties include close, far, and wide range attacks. Its power is magnificent.
— Website Description[1]

Steel Hellion (スティールハデス) is an attack-type Servan that can be summoned by Arnice.


  • Summon Bash: (Servan) Launches and stuns enemies.
  • The End: (Burst) Fire a powerful beam at enemies.
  • Knuckle Beat: Approach enemy and perform powerful consecutive attacks.
  • Quake Beat: Attack surrounding enemies with an earthquake.
  • Grind Beat: A diving punch that deals huge damage.
  • Set Lava Enemy: Attack across various distances. May create damage area.



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