Servans Display System

Arnice and Servans fighting alongside

Servans are fiends that fight alongside Arnice during battles. Servans make contract with Arnice by actualizing Fetishes.


After making blood contracts, Servans are summoned and helps out during Arnice's battles. Each of them come with different forms, abilities and types; namely Defender, Tricky, Support, Attacker, Follower and Magic type. These Servans grow by defeating fiends, but there are many options to grow them. As they grow, they can for example: change colors, increase in numbers, increase their stats or learn abilities.

They also possess a special ability called "Servan Burst", which consumes SP and varies from dealing damage to enemies or heal allies.

Servans reside in Ende Hotel, and that's where Arnice can switch between different Servans, equip items to them or simply check them up.

List of ServansEdit

Main article: Category:Servans

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