Category Quest Client Objective Item Reward
Slay Fey Mischief Cymar Slay 5 Fey N/A
Slay Destructive Fey Forte Slay 10 Fey Moonstone x1
Slay Fey Slaying Simon Slay 14 Fey N/A
Slay Punish the Imps Jill Slay 4 Imp N/A
Slay Protect Livestock! Will Slay 9 Imp Rusty Cutlass x1
Slay Devil Slaying Simon Slay 13 Imp/Shadow N/A
Slay My Tomatoes Yuna Slay 5 Skitterfoot N/A
Slay Skitterfoot Art Yohan Slay 25 Skitterfoot N/A
Slay Golem Art Yohan Slay 3 Golem N/A
Slay Golem Slaying Simon Slay 8 Golem N/A
Slay Violent Materials Theodore Slay 12 Golem/Bomb Damp Bomb x1
Slay Material Slaying Simon Slay 11 Golem/Bomb Oak Branch x1
Slay Hunt Shadows! Lang Slay 5 Shadow N/A
Slay Pesky Shadows Blanche Slay 10 Shadow N/A
Slay Shadow Slaying Simon Slay 28 Shadow N/A
Slay Garden Soldiers Blanche Slay 3 Toy Soldier N/A
Slay Disastrous Spirit Forte Slay 4 Spirit N/A
Slay Spirit Slaying Simon Slay 6 Spirit N/A
Slay Magic Slaying Simon Slay 16 Fey/Spirit Red Spinel x1
Slay Reagent: Whiskers Lucy Slay 3 Grimalkin Bell Collar x1
Slay Grimalkin Research Tina Slay 8 Grimalkin Toy Collar x1
Slay Animal Slaying Simon Slay 9 Grimalkin/Lupus/Skitterfoot N/A
Slay Defeat the Bomb Jill Slay 3 Bomb Damp Bomb x1
Slay Bomb Slaying Simon Slay 12 Bomb Damp Bomb x1
Slay Innocence Tina Slay 4 Doll N/A
Slay Be Quiet at Night! Cymar Slay 7 Doll N/A
Slay Martial Arts Basics Rendo Slay 6 Lupus N/A
Slay Lupus Slaying Simon Slay 6 Lupus N/A
Slay Face of Vengeance Jill Slay 2 Beast Effigy N/A
Slay Artificial Rampage Theodore Slay 6 Gargoyle/Beast Effigy N/A
Slay Artificial Steel Letty Slay 10 Gargoyle/Beast Effigy N/A
Search Black Market Info Bright Search for Evidence.
Location: Subway Line - Amusement Park Station
Blue Diamond x1
Search Black Market Evidence Bright Search for Evidence.
Location: Housing Quarter - Church Street
Mark of Attack x1
Search The Shop's Book Barnaby Search for Store Accounting Book.
Location: Subway Line - Market Station
Shell Cameo x1
Search Examine the Pillars Barnaby Search for Ruins Pillar.
Location: Castle Ruins - Canal Port
Big Stone Balls x1
Search Lost Ball Finn Search for Lost Ball.
Location: Central Square
Old Gold Coin x1
Search Lost Doll Finn Search for Lost Doll.
Location: Market Quarter - Subway Entrance
Bisque Doll x1
Search Find My Toy! Finn Search for Lost Toy.
Location: Subway Line - Central Station
Toy Soldier x1
Investigation Change of Pace Simon Arrive at Outskirts N/A
Investigation Picking Up Trash Armin Arrive at Subway Line - Amusement Park Station N/A
Investigation Late Night Subway Bill Arrive at Subway Line - Central Station N/A
Investigation Late Night Ruins Bill Arrive at Castle Ruins - Palace (Front) N/A