Night Stalker
Night Stalker
Japanese Name ナイトウォーカー
Romanization Naito Uōkā
Class Attack
Factor Rabbit Form
Fire Weakness No
Fetish Broken Glass Lantern
Appears In Nights of Azure

An attacker type Servan that dives into the ground and slashes the enemies from out of nowhere. It speaks like an elderly person, and rumor has it, it has fought the Ruler of the Night.
— Website Description[1]

Night Stalker (ナイトウォーカー) is an attack-type Servan that can be summoned by Arnice.


  • Back Attack: (Servan) Appears behind Arnice and attacks. Poisons enemies.
  • Blood Pain: (Burst) Poison enemies and cause severe bleeding.
  • Claw: Approach and attack.
  • Shadow Sickle: Approach enemy and deliver a powerful attack. poisons enemy.
  • Killing Arts: Approach enemy and perform consecutive attacks.
  • Shadow Attack: Burrow underground and wait to perform a poison attack.



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