Arnice... Not a bad name. Her face is cute, too.
— Mistral[1]



Japanese Name ミストラル
Romanization Misutoraru
Race Demon
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Black
Class Unknown
Weapons Fiends
Affiliation Unknown
Voiced by Flag of Japan Eriko Matsui
Appears In Nights of Azure

Mistral (ミストラル) is a bewitching, pure-blood demon who leads visitors astray with her sweet fragrance. She seemingly seeks for the soul of the Nightlord, although she is currently secluded to the Shrine of Sorrow.




Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Read at your own discretion.


  • Nightlord - Mistral is wholly devoted to the Demon King, and is shown longing for his return after her battle with Arnice.
  • Arnice - At first Mistral deemed her another pawn of the Curia, but after their battle she reconsidered after learning Arnice had no intention of fighting her.



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