Meteor Bomber
Meteor Bomber
Japanese Name メテオボマー
Romanization Meteo Bomā
Gender Unknown
Class Follower
Factor Armor Form
Fire Weakness No
Fetish Cannonball
Appears In Nights of Azure

Meteor Bomber (メテオボマー) is a follower-type Servan that can be summoned by Arnice in Nights of Azure.


  • Copper
  • Erik
  • Shupei
  • Holdo
  • Larshe
  • Erma
  • Projay
  • Keem
  • Zohan
  • Agnis


  • Bomb Assault: (Servan) Leap into the air and land with a sky attack.
  • Flash Disk: (Burst) Unleash a rotating beam around Arnice.
  • Flash Irradiation: Attack an enemy with a beam.
  • Mist Vanish: Explode when HP is depleted or when hit by an explosion.