Gust-chan Artwork 1
Japanese Name がすと
Romanization Gasuto
Class Alchemist
Factor Rabbit Form
Fire Weakness No
Fetish None
Appears In Nights of Azure

In first print copies of Nights of Azure, Gust (a.k.a. Gust-chan) is a DLC-exclusive Servan from Hyperdimension Neptunia.


Gust appears to be nothing but a child in terms of height and overall appearance. She is short with brown eyes and medium length brown hair. Her attire consists of a blue apron like dress with a large pocket on the front used for storing alchemy materials and possibly other things. On her head she wears a large hat that appears to have bunny ears along with giant large white gloves to match.


While Gust is an overall good person she is also a cut-throat business entrepreneur who is also looking for a way to make a profit off of others. She will often do things for people, making it seem like it's nothing more than a favor and then charge them afterwards. Despite supposedly making straight Cs in alchemy school, she is rather intelligent and cunning.


  • Gust is Here: (Servan) Deal damage to your surroundings.
  • Flame on You: (Burst) Fiercely fling flames.
  • Cane Swing: Strike with your cane.
  • Magic: Fire a magic bullet.



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