Fetish is a special item to actualize Servans and make contract with Arnice.


Fetishes can be found as rare drops, won in Arena challenges (one time each), or purchased for Blood from fiend merchants. A Servan's transformation factor value can be increased by giving them the same fetishes (summoning materials) as their class/type. Giving fetishes to Servans also increases their stats permanently.

List of FetishesEdit

Note: The only way to obtain Red Coral fetish is through Trade Merchant, 2nd item from Oceania region.

Image Name Actualize Stats Boost
Fetish 001 Moonstone Alraune 1 1
Fetish 002 Red Spinel Plumie 1 1
Fetish 003 Red Coral Mallu 2
Fetish 004 Rusty Cutlass Dinosword 1
Fetish 005 Warped Mace Macersaur 2
Fetish 006 Bell Collar Picker Cat 1
Fetish 007 Toy Collar Carrier Cat 1
Fetish 008 Damp Bomb Mine Bomber 1
Fetish 009 Cannonball Meteor Bomber 2
Fetish 010 Toy Soldier Toy Sentinel 2 1
Fetish 011 Guard Trumpet Toy Trooper 1 2
Fetish 012 Black Widow Arachne 2 1
Fetish 013 Oak Branch Wood Golem 1 2
Fetish 014 Broken Magic Stone Rock Golem 2 1
Fetish 015 Pressed Flowers Gnomid 2
Fetish 016 Bat Wings Yfritte 1 1
Fetish 017 Bisque Doll Bisque 2 1
Fetish 018 Wolf's Fang Wolf 4
Fetish 019 Gargoyle Head Steel Hellion 5
Fetish 020 Lion's Statue Bronze Leo 2 2
Fetish 021 Broken Glass Lantern Night Stalker 1 1

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