Equipment is an accessory that will boost stats.


These equipment can be obtained in multiple ways such as treasure chests, killing fiends, won in Arena challenges (one time each), and purchased from merchants. You can have up to four different accessories. The other slots are locked and must be unlocked by acquiring the "Equip Limit Up" skill.

List of EquipmentEdit

Nights of AzureEdit

Image Name Skill Effect Note
Equipment 001 Mana Droplet Mind Seal Increases SP by 30.
Equipment 002 Mandrake Leaves Life Seal - Strong Increases HP by 50.
Equipment 003 Big Stone Balls Heavy Weight Increases weight by 8, and reduces movement speed by 25%.
Equipment 004 Jade Mask Revival Speed Boost+ Reduces the cooldown to recover from death by 25%. Servan only.
Equipment 005 Pyramid Slab Still Mind Increases DEF by 10 and stun resistance by 50.
Equipment 006 Gold Cartouche Null Debuff makes negative statuses that cause debuffs ineffective.
Equipment 007 Checkered Doll None Has no discernible effect.
Equipment 008 D. Blade - Muramasa Life Shortening Strike Increases stun value by 20, but HP decreases by 5 per second.
Equipment 009 Damascus Knife Surge of Strength+ Increases ATK by 10.
Equipment 010 Crystal Skull Super Quality Increases value of a piece of equipment by 30%. Servan only.
Equipment 011 Alexandrite Knight's Wit Makes HP 400, SP 100, ATK 150, and DEF 150. Servan only.
Equipment 012 Blue Diamond Remaining Power Prevents removal from combat once, and restores 50% HP.
Equipment 013 Matryoshka Doll None Has no discernible effect.
Equipment 014 Koteka Spirit of Fortitude Stun resistance value increases by 100.
Equipment 015 Totem Necklace Mind Seal+ Increases SP by 50.
Equipment 016 Old Gold Coin Rare Brilliance Increase the chance of rare items dropping by 10%.
Equipment 017 Boomerang Chase Blitz Extends firing range and guided projectile pursuit time.
Equipment 018 Nutcracker Damage Increase When attacking, all fixed damage is increased by 4.
Equipment 019 Vampire Bat Bloodcaller Spilled blood during battle increases by 10%.
Equipment 020 Narwhal's Task Reduce Negative Status Increase negative status res, and reduce duration by 50%.
Equipment 021 Rabbit's Foot Lucky Strike Increase critical chance by 2%, and increase SP by 30.
Equipment 022 Rusty Horseshoe Star of Euphoria Increase the chance of item dropping by 5%.
Equipment 023 Demon's Perfume Stench Emits putrid smell that may stop enemies from targeting you.
Equipment 024 Pigeon Blood Ruby Healing Surge Increases restorative effect of an item or skill by 50%.
Equipment 025 Top Hat Fiend Defense Increases DEF by 5.
Equipment 026 Brass Monocle Perceptive Soul Increase ATK by 5 and critical chance by 5%.
Equipment 027 Raven's Wing Blitz Eater Gain 5 SP when attacking an enemy's projectile attack.
Equipment 028 Dark Crimson Cloak Damage Reduction Damage received from enemies is reduced by 4.
Equipment 029 Worn Tarot Card Large SP Absorb 20% chance of restoring 5 SP with a direct hit.
Equipment 030 Mobius Ring Revival Speed Boost Reduces the cooldown to recover from death by 50%. Servan only.
Equipment 031 Silver Bullet Exorcism Power Increases critical chance by 50%, but damage taken increases by 15.
Equipment 032 Rune Stone Surge of Strength Increases ATK by 5.
Equipment 033 Ancient Dragon Bone Ancient Pledge Increases HP by 30, reduces SP summon cost by 10. Servan only.
Equipment 034 Velvet Ribbon Softness Increases launch distance by 50% and weight lessens by 2.
Equipment 035 Locket Soldier's Wit Makes HP 300, SP 50, ATK 130, and DEF 130. Servan only.
Equipment 036 Mermaid's Tear Guardian of Earth It negates all area effects regardless of alliance.
Equipment 037 Leviathan's Fin Life Seal Increases HP by 30.
Equipment 038 Screaming Painting Paralysis Resistence Negates the status effect Paralysis.
Equipment 039 Shell Cameo Witch's Pledge Increases SP by 30, reduces SP summon cost by 15. Servan only.
Equipment 040 Giant's Bone Bloodthirst Spilled blood during battle increases by 20%.
Equipment 041 War Bonnet God of War's Roar Increases DEF by 15% when HP falls below 40%.
Equipment 042 Blood Spear Hand of Blue Blood 25% chance of restoring 2 SP with a direct hit.
Equipment 043 Ritual Kris Breaker Increases ATK by 15 and stun value by 2.
Equipment 044 Sea Serpent's Tooth Massive Damage When attacking, all fixed damage is increases by 10. Servan only.
Equipment 045 Black Opal Hero's Wit Makes HP 450, SP 150, ATK 180, and DEF 180.
Equipment 046 Hamelin's Pipe Follow the Flutist Can't attack, but SP increases by 5 per second. Arnice only.
Equipment 047 Fluffy Hat Fiend Defense+ Increases DEF by 10.
Equipment 048 Glass Blade Glass Blade Increases ATK by 50, but you get instant death if hit.
Equipment 049 Four-leafed Clover Clover of Happiness Increases item drop rate and chance of rare items by 5%.
Equipment 050 Cowbell Bell Chime Jingles with every step you make. Arnice only.
Equipment 051 Aegis Shield Aegis Decreases critical damage by 10, but increases stun resistance by 20.
Equipment 052 Fire Rat's Pelt Fire Spirit Blessing Negates fire weak point or reduces fire damage by 30%.
Equipment 053 Knuckle Duster Faint Edge Increases stun damage by 10.
Equipment 054 Gold Bar Liquidation No effect. However, you can sell it for a good price.
Equipment 055 Gladiator Glorious Rush Adds 5 seconds to chain after the first attack. Arnice only.
Equipment 056 Colossus Fragment Courage Increases weight by 2, making it harder to be launched.
Equipment 057 French Doll Healing Magic Increases the restorative effect of skills and items by 25%.
Equipment 058 Model Church High Quality Increases item's skill value bonus by 20%. Servan only.
Equipment 059 Macaw's Tailfeather Lightweight When you attack, you won't be able to launch enemies away.
Equipment 060 Beast King's Mane Wild Power Increases HP by 28, then restores HP by 3 per 1.5 seconds.
Equipment 061 Faberge Egg Poison Resistance Negates the status effect Poison.
Equipment 062 Belladonna Poison&Bleed Resistance Negates both the status effects Poison and Bleed.
Equipment 063 Restorative Medicine Spirit of Gift Stun resistance value increases by 50.
Equipment 064 Mugwort Bleed Resistance Negates the status effect Bleed.
Equipment 065 Ajax's Shield Hardhead Increases weight by 4 and decreases launch distance by 50%.
Equipment 066 Mjolnir Heavy Strike Launch power up by 2, but damage dealt decreases by 10.
Equipment 067 Iron Shoes Area Damage Stopper Decreases damage received from area attacks by 50%.
Equipment 068 Berserker Ax Bloodbath Vengeance Increases ATK and DEF by 15% when HP falls below 40%.
Equipment 069 Samurai's Headband Soul Chain At the time of death, summoning will occur. Servan only.
Equipment 070 Dainsleif Death Stare Decreases stun resistance by 20 and increases critical chance by 100%.
Equipment 071 Titan's Garb Super Armor Negates being launched, but move speed decreases by 50%.
Equipment 072 Spirit's Shield Status Effect Resistance Negates all status effects and increases HP by 50.
Equipment 073 Salamander's Crystal Fire God Blessing Negates fire weak point or reduces fire damage by 50%.
Equipment 074 Red Rabbit's Bangle Lightning Speed Basic movement speed increases 1 meter per second.
Equipment 075 Vlad's Crest Bloody Soul Direct hits increase SP by 2, and HP by 1 per second.
Equipment 076 Straw Doll Sacrifice At the cost of ATK decreasing by 99%, DEF increases by 100.
Equipment 077 Night Crown Sage's Pledge Reduces SP summon cost by 20. Servan only.
Equipment 078 Cursed Bamboo Sword Wonderful Curse Depending on its curse, HP and SP may decrease by 30.
Equipment 079 Broken Berserker Ax Bloodbath Vengeance- Increases ATK and DEF by 50% when HP falls below 75%.
Equipment 080 Fake R.R. Bangle Lightning Speed- Basic movement speed increases to a max of 8.5 meters per second.
Equipment 081 Worn Fire Rat's Pelt Fire Spirit Blessing Negates fire weak point.
Equipment 082 Stone Hefty Increases weight by 4, resist launch, but reduces speed by 50%.
Equipment 083 Evil Spirit's Shield Status Effect Resistance- Negates all status effect but decreases SP by 50.
Equipment 084 True Gladiator Glorious Rush++ Adds 10 seconds to chain after the first attack. Arnice only.
Equipment 085 Black Wing of Death Bullet Eater Seemingly increases SP by 50, but truly decreases SP by 50.
Equipment 086 Eternity Original Power Allows you to avoid combat once and restores all HP.
Equipment 087 Hero's Koteka Heroic Spirit Increases stun resistance by 200 and SP by 1 second.
Equipment 088 Divine Sword God Limit As HP decreases by 50 every 10 seconds, ATK and DEF doubles.
Equipment 089 Nightmare Crown Blood Hunter Blood acquired doubles, but you will die with one strike.
Equipment 090 Collantine Doll Body Healing Magic Increases HP by 2 per seconds and Servan Burst restoration by 25%.
Equipment 091 Pink Diamond Spirit Healing Magic Increases SP by 2 per second, until it reaches max 30 points.
Equipment 092 Silk Ribbon Fierce Damsel Damage you deal and take are both reduced by 10.
Equipment 093 Fresh Leg Wild Strike Launch power up by 2, and attacks get 10% critical chance. Servan only.
Equipment 094 Steamed Wing Sniper Increases the range of fire attacks.
Equipment 095 Hard Leftovers Earth Grip Reduces the distance of being launched by enemy attacks.
Equipment 096 Warrior's Body Life Risk Damage you deal and take are both reduced by 10.
Equipment 097 Evil God Fragment Divine Demon God Negates launching by enemies, but HP decreases by 125.
Equipment 098 Devil Horn Weak Soul Increases ATK by 15, but stun resistance decreases by 100.
Equipment 099 Decamillennial Drake Life Seal+++ Increases HP by 50 and Servan Burst restoration by 25%.
Equipment 100 Plateau Belladonna Paralysis Resistance- Negates Paralysis and reduces the impact of other status effects.
Equipment 101 Mock Mugwort Stank More susceptible to attacks, but status Burst lasts 50% longer.
Equipment 102 Havel Sword Sharp Saber Increases ATK by 20.
Equipment 103 Havel Ax Keen Edge Blood acquired increases by 25%, and ATK increases by 15.
Equipment 104 Havel Hammer Heavy Bash Increases ATK by 15 and damage dealt by 10.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New MoonEdit

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