Japanese Name ブレーダーソウル
Romanization Burēdāsouru
Class Attack
Factor Demon Form
Fire Weakness No
Fetish Rusty Cutlass
Appears In Nights of Azure

A Servan that aggressively charges toward enemies. It attacks multiple times, and doesn't allow enemies to counterattack. It's small, but has a boorish attitude.
— Website Description[1]

Dinosword (ブレーダーソウル) is an attack-type Servan that can be summoned by Arnice.


  • Summon Slash: (Servan) Launch an enemy back and make them bleed.
  • Rare Slash: (Burst) An attack that causes bleeding.
  • Slash: Launch an enemy back and make them bleed.
  • Vertical Slice: Attack by swinging your weapon downward.
  • Dash Slice: Attack an enemy while running.
  • Spin Slice: Attack nearby enemies, causing them to bleed.



  1. Dinosword Introduction Nights of Azure. KT.

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