Blueblood Count Rosier
Blueblood Count Rosier
Japanese Name 蒼血伯爵 ロジエ
Romanization Aoichi Hakushaku Rojie
Location Ruswal Opera House
Appears In Nights of Azure

Blueblood Count Rosier (蒼血伯爵 ロジエ) is a large fiend and third boss in Nights of Azure.


Battle TipsEdit


  • Forte: Flick your conductor's baton twice in a row.
  • Flageo: Sing in a high pitch and attack a wide area with soundwaves.
  • March: Summon instruments and throw them to attack.
  • Waltz: Summon instruments that orbit on their own.
  • Passion: Summon a giant drum above the target's head.
  • Rhapshody: Summon numerous instruments and drop them randomly.


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