Blueblood Cavalry Carousel
Blueblood Cavalry Carousel
Japanese Name 蒼血鉄騎 カルーセル
Romanization Aoichi Tekki Karūseru
Location Amusement Park
Appears In Nights of Azure

Blueblood Cavalry Carousel (蒼血鉄騎 カルーセル) is a large fiend and second boss in Nights of Azure.


Battle TipsEdit


  • Tra-la-la: Steps generate shockwaves.
  • La-la-la: Summons enemies.
  • Parade!: Summons parade float.
  • Stomp: Scatter bombs while performing a squash attack.
  • Stomp-stomp: Scatter bombs while performing consecutive squad attack.
  • Whoopsy-daisy: Pretend to stagger, then attack.


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