Japanese Name ビスク
Romanization Bisuku
Class Support
Factor Phantom Form
Weakness No
Fetish Bisque Doll
Appears In Nights of Azure

A Servan that likes to pull pranks. Despite its young looks, it warps from a distance and punches or sets up barriers.
— Website DescriptionWebsite Description[1]

Bisque (ビスク) is a support-type Servan that can be summoned by Arnice. In some or most cases, Bisque is obtainable through a tutorial, but only if Arnice finds her first fetish item as the Bisque Doll.

About the dollsEdit

In the quest "Pepe's Missing" it is revealed that Bisques were usually normal dolls but came in contact with blue blood. That's the reason why they came to life. Lilysse has a doll called Pepe but it turns out that her doll came in contact with blue blood.


Bisque has the abillity to teleport, summon objects and cast them on enemies to launch them far away. They also attack enemies directly by teleporting to their current location and use mainly magic spells to toss enemies arround.

  • Divine Shield: (Summon) Shields against weak enemies and ranged attacks.
  • Deflect: (Burst) Create a shockwave that greatly repels enemies.
  • Mana Heal: Recover SP.
  • Poltergeist: Fling objects to launch enemies far away.
  • Teleport: Teleport and attack.
  • Hard Knock: Use magic power to launch enemies far away.



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