Arnice Nights of Azure 2

Desden Arnice

Japanese Name アーナス
Romanization Aanasu
Race Half-Demon
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Grey
Class Holy Knight
Weapons Demon blade
Affiliation Curia
Voiced by Flag of Japan Mao Ichimichi (M.A.O)
Appears In Nights of Azure
Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon
Warriors All-Stars

I'm going to protect you and this world.
— Arnice[1]

Arnice (アーナス) is the protagonist of Nights of Azure and a Holy Knight serving Curia. She also appears as a supporting character in Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon.


Arnice has long silver hair reaching down to her waist, wears a set of golden rimmed goggles on her head, and has amber-colored eyes. She wears a bright crimson open-side shirt with white, red and gold accents, and white collar folded upwards, revealing her red tie. She wears a dark-brown leather glove on her left hand, and a large brown and golden gauntlet upon her right arm, with a red sleeve folded at the end, almost reaching her shoulder.

Her lower half consists of black thigh-length shorts, with her shirt overlapping in the front, and has loosened x-shaped leather straps wrapped over her waist. She has tattered ornamental skirts fluttering behind her with two leather straps attached on either side forming a golden star ornament at their intersection. She wears a pair of white high-heeled boots that end a several inches above her knee.


Arnice is seen as a serious but caring person. During various requests, Arnice has shown to enjoy helping people during the day.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Read at your own discretion.

Nights of AzureEdit

A girl who possesses the power to defeat fiends.
— Website Description[1]

Arnice is a half-demon after having contact with the blood of the Nightlord, gaining bloodsucking powers and can use her own blood to create a demon sword. Though she seems like a calm woman at first impression, she possesses a deep passion.[1]

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New MoonEdit


  • Lilysse - the newly-chosen Saint whom Arnice is assigned to protect. Arnice cares deeply for Lilysse and is willing to sacrifice anything to keep her safe. They share a bond that's beyond that of best friends as they both confess their love for one another. Said love enables Arnice to endure anything the Night throws at her, even the gradual loss of her own humanity.
  • Simon - As manager of the Ende Hotel, Simon assigns and assists Arnice with her duties as a Holy Knight of Curia.
  • Christophorus - A pureblooded demon whom Arnice encounters many times in her campaign against the Night. Though seemingly a powerful enemy, Chris helps Arnice more than hinders her. And even after they do fight in the Opera House, Arnice holds no malice for Chris, only pity once she learns her tragic past.
  • Maiden of Jorth - the spirit of the Demon Sword Jorth, who imparts wisdom to Arnice when she comes to offer Blue Blood in order to increase its power. She appears as Lilysse, though she herself admits it is not the form she had in life. Though she helps Arnice upon her visits to the Shrine of Jorth, she also warns her of impending danger; the greatest being Jorth itself, the very sword wielded by the Nightlord.


As a Holy Knight of the Curia, Arnice is well-versed in combat against fiends. She can summon up to four Servans in battle, and command them to do her bidding. She's first seen fighting with a longsword that exceeds her actual height, and can use it for three kinds of attacks: weak, strong, and a special attack that consumes part of her spiritual power. Attacking fiends helps replenish said power.

During the fight against the Blueblood Dragon, Arnice obtains the Demon Sword, Jorth, along with the ability to transform into one of four demon forms:

Demon Form - appears as a horned demon with orange skin, a long tail, large claws, and orange eyes with black sclera. In this form, Arnice can send waves of flame with a wave of her hand, burning all enemies to ash.

Rabbit Form -

Phantom Form -

Armor Form -

Nightmare Form - her most powerful demon form, available only after beating the game once. She has ghostly white skin, long white hair that reaches down to her knees, and a spiked black crown upon her brow. Her right eye is glowing red, her left is a pale blue, and her sclera are black. She wears a twisted black bodysuit with several openings along the sides, with matching clawed gloves and boots. She also has two great wings, which she uses in combat to hurl several projectiles at rapid speed.

Her new sword, Jorth, can be powered up by Blue Blood to unlock new skills for Arnice, as well as assume other forms:

Dagger - a pair of daggers that allow Arnice to attack rapidly, interrupting enemy attacks.

Warhammer - enables Arnice to release shockwaves, along with severely damage enemies with high defense and strong against sword attacks.

Crossbow - Arnice can attack from a distance with this weapon, but it consumes her spiritual power with every shot.

Blood Sword - the ultimate form of Jorth, it can heal Arnice with strong attacks are used, depending on how much Blue Blood it absorbs.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Warriors All-StarsEdit



On September 26 it was announced that Koei Tecmo would be creating a massive crossover Warriors game featuring 10+ of their IP's, from classic Koei Games, to Tecmo IPs, and even Gust IP's.

The story takes place in an alternate world that relies on a miraculous spring to sustain itself. The King who could control the spring's powers suddenly perished, leaving the world in turmoil. The Queen told her daughter to summon otherworldly heroes to save their land, with Arnice being one of them, but the attempted summoning malfunctioned and left them scattered in different areas. Eventually, other members of this royal family are deemed eligible for the throne, dividing all the heroes into three warring factions.



Promotional ArtEdit


  • Arnice's name in Hebrew means "mountain of strength".
  • In Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Gust collaboration, if the player chooses Phase 4 - the option to pick Arnice's costume will be available.

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